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How important is Content Personalization on Social Media?

Before answering that question, there is another question you should answer: are things getting done the right way?

If there is one thing you need to avoid as a digital marketer, it should be: wasting efforts on inefficient content.

Remember, social media is the channel that will get the right content to the right audience and that your job is to think of profitable content for each post, blog, video or any other format.

What is content personalization?

The relevance of your content is only achievable with personalization.

Talking about relevance, I tried to find the most relevant definition of personalized marketing, and found that all definitions share pretty much the same idea:

 Personalized marketing is the implementation of a strategy by which companies deliver individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology.

Content personalization will make higher chances of conversion

The idea is to meet your customer’s need by tailoring individualized content that answers their specific expectations.

First, you’ll end up with a more or less fully engaged community, interactions will increase since audience will be getting posts that are of interest to them.

This is of high importance, since the more the interaction rate increases, the more you’ll guarantee visibility in the newsfeed.

The Trick is to adjust your content to your customer’s journey: establishing a strategy that is adjusted to each of the three stages is the best tactic.

Personalization is only efficient when data-driven. Personalized content will help you reach a specific audience and offer them a better experience

Not only conversion but also building strong loyalty bonds with your customers!

Your content will be the face that encounters audience. It will gradually build a profile, and bit by bit, the human side will be revealed through it.

Personal and human ties will be built spontaneously. You can reinforce it with content; in a way that makes your customer visit your page regularly.

Make your social media content more human by tracking your KPIs.

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