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How Does Kpeiz Help you Improve your Performance on Social Media?

goal properly set is halfway reached.’ So said Lydia Sweatt

We, at Kpeiz, couldn’t agree more. We believe that organization and accuracy are key elements for any digital marketer to do his job easily and properly!

No matter how visionary a marketer could be, he/she is not exempt from human error. Spending time and effort on doing calculations and filling up tables manually is an exhaustive task with a high risk of committing mistakes.

This is when social media management tools intervene to make the marketers’ lives easier.

Via Kpeiz, the dashboard will allow you to enter the pages and add the benchmarks you need to work with. You will then get all the data you need categorized according to different metrics.

You can also dig deeper though!

If following the last report you’ve drawn your conclusions and set axes of progress, you need to keep track of the progress of these latter. Put under scrutiny the different metrics along with the different segments to maintain a comprehensive control over your Facebook performance: audience identification, typology of interactions, engagement rate progress and more.

Bring the necessary changes to your ongoing action plan by spotting the least-performing axes and putting them back on the track.

Keep an eye on your KPIs, but a closer eye on those of your competitors!

Track competitors in your sector of activity and keep an eye on their performance and position yourself against the competition. Recognize your standpoint according to diverse criteria (interactions, number of fans, average engagement rate and the number of posts) in a span of time that you determine.

On another note, content creation requires creativity and inspiration; what would be more efficient than relying on data-driven insights about the best-performing posts in your sector. Recognize the strengths in your competitors’ performance and outperform them!

All of the above features that Kpeiz suggests would definitely pull your strategy to the TOP!

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