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How Do Pasta brands Stand out On Social media in Egypt?

The overall food sector in Egypt is resonating across social media. The rise of trends like lifestyle, DIY, and recipes, has made it easy for the sector to enjoy a spacious room on Facebook.

“Everybody loves pasta”

Pasta on its turn, dear to many hearts, is much appreciated for its proximity to everyone’s taste and lifestyle. Active or not, Pasta brands made sure that they have their own Facebook pages, which heated up the competition!

The pasta sector in Egypt in social media translated to numbers:

We’ve picked the summer period (the last two months) to analyze the presence of pasta brands in Egypt.

The popular brand is Pasta Regina followed by Italiano pasta, Rawaa Pasta, and Barilla. Yet, the ranking is not the same in terms of interaction.

Italiano Pasta is on the top and witnessed a rising progress in terms of interaction, however, having approximately 500 k fans less than Regina.

This reversal is generally traced back to the number of posts: when a less popular brand gathers more interactions than another more popular one, we may suggest that the first published more posts.

This is not the case: while Regina Pasta published 39 posts, Italiano Pasta only 28. The difference, in this case, can be justified by the resort to sponsorship, content quality, emotional appeal etc.

Typology of interactions:

Interactions do not weigh the same on Facebook. While likes are of the lightest impact, comments and shares are considered more engaging. Taking into consideration the shares and comments, here’s the progress of interaction for Italiano Pasta during summer:

Comments are an interesting metric in the sense that it shows when your fans actually take actions and give his opinion about your content.

Shares, on their turn, transcend the engagement level to the audience’s “endorsement” of the shared content.

Timing and Days of Publication

Posting content at the right time saves you a lot of efforts and arouses engaging actions from your audience.

If we zoom into the days of publication among pasta brands, 2 days come up: Sundays, Tuesdays, and on a lesser degree Thursdays. (below Regina Pasta’s example)

As for timing, the publication predominantly starts after midday (after mealtimes in general).

Spot the best time to post on Facebook and use our brand insights feature.

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