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How Can Agencies Gain New Clients Using Kpeiz!

Nothing is more convincing than data!

This is the age of data par excellence. Especially when it comes to client-agency relations.

Approximate is also a synonym of imprecise and inaccurate, and that’s not what your clients or potential customers are looking for.

We know how adjectives starting with the prefix “im/in” add up pressure on marketers since they distance their work from being qualified with those adjectives.

Launch a comforting ground for your clients

First, and in order to stand out, you can initiate your collaborative work with a comforting remark: your performance will be measurable, and the results will be accurate.

One of the features that Kpeiz offers is data-based reporting. Pledging your clients (or potential clients) with monthly precise reports is reassuring and evokes trust between the two parties. Together, brands and agencies will spot the strengths and weaknesses and agree on the improvement axes and the corrective action plan.

It would make them more at ease when you tell them that they’re in control since they would have also the ability to keep track of the social media performance.

Kpeiz can also help agencies at earlier stages!

Many agencies struggle with prospecting for a multitude of reasons, mainly the behavior of online buyers is changing so fast and it has become difficult for marketers to keep up with it.

What if I tell you that Kpeiz can help agencies with Prospecting?

Communication agencies are frequently faced with two major difficulties: boosting their customer portfolio and targeting the right prospects.

Let’s find how this is made easier in 3 easy steps:

Spot quality prospects

Before you engage in prospection, you need to define a list of criteria that best qualify your typical targets, among which are the country where you need to assert your presence, and activity sector.

Kpeiz gives access to national benchmarks, which allows to discern brands with inefficient social media performance and contextualize their current position vis-a-vis its competitors.

In so doing, you would save time, efforts and money that you would otherwise invest on prospects that don’t meet the selection criteria.

Make a good first impression with a detailed and accurate presentation:

After the selective process of prospects, you need to prepare an informative and competitive analysis to present to your potential customer, along with a study of their current performance and the different axes and KPIs you can start working on by means of your action plan.

Prospective clients will fall for you when you give them a plausible and clear explanation of why their competitors are on the top while your prospects are not.

Let them sneak into their competitors’ content strategy and make them visualize where they can get thanks to your efforts.

Show them that it’s a game that you master quite well!

Be data-driven, but also goal-driven

Data is the stepping stone to attain the better performance and to ace your pitches.

Next, you need to fix attainable objectives and set the proper action plans to reach them.

This is best done by linking each action to its purpose and what goal you can achieve with it.

Identify objectives that will require promoted efforts and which could be reached organically.

This process will pave the way for marketers to elaborate a coherent and relevant digital strategy, in line with the overall strategy of the brand and most importantly justifiable with data.

Craft your social media strategy with actionable data and insight!

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