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How Are brands freshening up your Summer!

Summer is here, and it is the season for brands which work mostly by summer. The seasonal shift comes with a change in the brand strategy which must have been preset in advance.

Using KPEIZ market insight feature where you can juxtapose your competitors and benchmark them, we conduct an interesting sector benchmark covering the Arab world.

Let’s find out what Arabic brands have prepared to freshen up our summer!

Pubs in Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia:

Cool drinks certainly cool up the heated weather. In morocco, we find Casablanca and Flag Spéciale competing on social media to reach their audience

While Casablanca maintained a vintage style in its posts, Flag Spéciale opted for fresher colors and style:

Même banksy resterait bouche bée !😲🎨#CasablancaBeer #YourCasablanca #StreetArt Publiée par Casablanca Beer sur Samedi 23 juin 2018


Chnou dir bach ta3ta9 Spéciale?🤔🤗🍺#FlagSpeciale #BeerLovers #SpecialeLe7da Publiée par Flag Spéciale sur Mercredi 20 juin 2018

Spending a refreshing moment is equally chilling as the refreshing products, on social media too!

In Jordan, Secrab and Cantaloupe Gastro Pub are more or less on the same level on Facebook; they have both crafted a summerish style to seduce fans.

Secrab alternated its posts between happy hour announcements and displaying tapas and light dishes they serve with drinks; while Cantaloupe focused on the combination of food and music.

Here’s how their Facebook audience interacted with both of them since summer started, by the beginning of June:

In Tunisia too, youth seek pubs by the beach to mix summer activities in just one place: swimming, sharing drinks and listening to music.

Here’s how interactions of the Yüka in Tunis progressed in terms of interactions since the start of June

The peak corresponds to the following post:

💚💚💚 Yüka Tunis s'engage pour la nature 🌍🌎🌏Tout au long de cet incroyable été, nous allons réduire nos déchets pas à pas… Publiée par Yüka Tunis sur Samedi 16 juin 2018

The page gained its audience’s empathy through the sensibilizing message and move to action taken by Yuka.

However, you don’t have to always go by the beach to cool up, ice cream can do the trick.

Ice Cream Brands in Tunisia and Egypt:

Here’s how the number fans on Selja evolved since summer started!

The peaking point corresponds to Selja’s celebration of its 40th anniversary:

40 سنة و نحنا مع بعضنا <3 Publiée par Selja sur Jeudi 14 juin 2018

Likewise, Mega launched its campaign by the start of June relying mostly seductive images to showcase the ice cream:

Its posts gained the response their brand voice implied: the posts were mostly loved by their audience.

The basic sought for element both in summer and Ramadan, being water; Nestlé Pure Life invested much in marketing on social media. Here’s how interaction oscillated throughout its summer campaign.

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