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Have you already found your Social Media Brand Voice?

Setting up your strategy is an essential step to anchor your brand identity on social media, but you should find a voice that speaks you in the best light. Not doing so develops the risk of having numerous tones and subsequently losing your audience.

In order to do so, you need to establish a common thread that puts in perfect harmony the components of your brand voice.

What you need to put inconsistency are the following four elements:

Before you start defining your social media brand voice, start analyzing your audience. Your content won’t be efficient if it doesn’t reach the right audience: Where they are? What language do they speak? What are their interests and preferences?

You don’t need to shape a brand voice that will be unheard by your audience. Your voice needs to be clear and directly identifiable by your audience.

The perfect way to start is to think of a few adjectives that describe your brand and extend your thoughts to other expressive words related to the same initial adjective.

Once done, you need to set an action plan of the direct actions to define your voice relying on the figure above.

In other words, you need to apply your brand voice to your social strategy media. It serves to add more accuracy to the progress of targeting your audience.

Then, make sure that your the brand voice is conveyed in the message, and there is a perfect accordance between your strategy, your brand voice, and the copywriting process.

It’s noteworthy to remind you that your brand voice is not sacred. You can change it whenever you need to. Monitor your strategy to see how impactful the voice is and make the modifications when necessary.


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