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Free Social Media Analytics Tools [2020 Update]

Free is a word that resonates well with marketers. Adding value without more expenses would positively impact your ROI. 

Dear marketers, free social media analytics tools are your best friend! Read on to unlock 8 tools that we spotted!


This article highlights some completely free tools. But, a large range of totally-free tools is said to be unsafe to use.

Using the free version of efficient tools is a win-win. In fact, there are tools that don’t require credit card use in the sign-up. 

These tools are not binding and are considered freemium, and accordingly profitable!

1- Talkwalker Alerts 

Widely described as the best free alternative to google alerts. Basically, it alerts you whenever there is a mention of your brand on the web: forums, news websites, blogs and on Twitter.

It gives pertinent results about references where your brand or tagline was mentioned and transfers it to your mailbox.

Completely free

2- Kpeiz

Key is a social media analytics tool that functions on Facebook and Instagram. In a first step, it helps marketers have an in-depth audit of their performance by having one-click access to reports that correspond to periods of the user’s choice (weekly, monthly, yearly).

And, to monitor performance by having access to advanced analytics in an ergonomic dashboard.

In a second step, the user may get a competitive analysis of his performance by means of thorough insights about other pages that compete with them.

The platform stands out in the sense that it gives pertinent results that reach up to 2 years in the past.

Trial period: 1 month

3- Brand Grader

This tool is an online free reputation management tool. In a simple step, any marketer can make a quick audit of the online reputation of any brand: it could be his own brand or that of his/her competitors.

Only by entering the brand along with the professional email, the user may spot areas of improvement within the reputation of the brand he/she manages, along with the weaknesses if his competitors.

Completely free

4- Google trends

Google makes excellent use of its insights to deduce the en vogue keywords, the recent trends, and the burning topics that are most likely to stir interest among a particular audience in a particular country.

It is a highly reliable source of inspiration that every marketer needs to check before starting his/her content planning!

It helps marketers orient their ideas in the best way to resonate with their target audiences.

Completely free

5-  Content Studio 

With Content studio, marketers can log up to two social media accounts allowing its users to discover content, schedule, and automate the process.

The idea is to save time and easing marketers’ lives by planning and sharing content via the same platform instead of sharing it via different channels.

Trial period: 2 weeks


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