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Facebook Upcoming Updates: 3D photos, Upvote & Downvote Comments, AR for Messenger

3D photos will be soon showing up in the feed!

As the annual conference F8 ended, more Facebook updates have been announced: Facebook pledged to make the 3D photo service available by this summer. Photos taken by a smartphone can be incorporated into the 3D system to have.

The news have been announced by Facebook for Developers since 20th February. Facebook’s product manager says that they used a standard-industry format glTF 2.0 to make it possible for creators to have richer options as to how they present their goods on Facebook.

Get a closer look at Blue — in 3D. Add her to your photo or video with #JurassicWorld effect on your Facebook camera here: http://unvrs.al/JWFBCam Publiée par Jurassic World sur mardi 20 février 2018

It has been re-evoked in the F8 conference to show the progress of the project and to announce the possibility to make a video out the 3D photos.

The 3D presentation has been developed with the intention of establishing more interactive connections with Facebook users. These latter would get further visibility as to from which angle they would want to see the photo.

It is also coupled with another update for brands: Facebook will be including AR into Messenger. The idea is to ask users who interact with you via Messenger to open the camera and be faced with many already uploaded filters and AR effects that are specific to the brand.

In so doing, customers will get a full real-like experience, try on products without having to go actually to the store.

Along with these newly-introduced technologies to the digital marketing field, Facebook has put on trial the new comment system based on rating. The idea according to Facebook is “to push those thoughtful and engaging comments to the top of the discussion thread, and to move down the ones that are simply attacks or filled with profanity.”

Facebook seems to have found a solution by applying a Reddit-like rating system to classify comments. It is still on trial to decide whether to officially adopt it or not.

We’re looking forward to see how marketers will make use of these updates!

Sure there will some tweaking in your Social Media Strategies. Know how you are already perfoming on Facebook !


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