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Facebook Metrics, What Should You Measure?

Facebook marketing is emerging as a central hub for many businesses. As of now, without a shadow of a doubt, Facebook is one of, if not the most powerful marketing platform that efficiently enables marketers to reach an enormous portion of their target audience, thus growing their businesses. The million-dollar question is how to figure out which factors -in this giant matrix- are key factors and which ones are just fancy conjectures? This is where Facebook Metrics comes in.

Facebook Metrics help you measure and monitor the real impact of your marketing campaigns so that you can quickly optimize them. At the end of the article you will have a clear idea on 8 important metrics that you can REALLY put your money on, for having a clear outlook on your Facebook ad campaigns.

“Likes” are fun and flagrant, sure, but they represent a small part of a large array of metrics that you need to review.

  1. Volume

Volume is a simple social media metric to track on Facebook. This metric should basically tell you – What is the size of the conversation floating about your campaign or brand. Simply put: it measures the number of times people are talking about your brand; comments, wall posts…etc AND how these numbers change over time.

For example, Kpeiz has a useful metric (called “people talking about this”) that measures how many unique people have posted something to their walls about your brand page.

Focus your own posts according to these fluctuations to get more engagement, the number 4 metric on our list.


“Likes” are an obviously important Facebook metric. This displays how many people clicked on the “Like” button and agreed to have updates on your brand popping in their news feed. Put in mind that Facebook uses an algorithm which filters the news feed for each user based on their individual preferences. However, a business can always increase their interactions with their fans by boosting their post using Facebook Advertising.

  1. Reach 

How far is your content disseminating and how big is the audience for your message? This metric displays your page views,  unique visitor views and also your reach in terms of organic searches paid and viral searches. Reach is a measure of potential audience size, and it is more important and complex than it looks, it helps you increase your efforts in the viral segments accurately. How many of your audience are actually seeing your posts? That is reach.

  1. Engagement 

Second only to the reach metric in importance, the engagement metric measures the effectiveness of your posts and how much you are connecting with your fans. It includes likes, comments, shares, people who’ve viewed the message (content/video) and clicked on your links and photos. Engaged users are those who actually clicked on/interacted with any aspect of your posts.

Divide the number of engaged users by the reach and multiply that by 100 to get a percentage. You should then be able to compare the success of one post over another. You can then review the success of each post. This can help a company determine which posts are the most engaging and what content is most interesting to your fans.

  1. “People Talking About This”

People Talking About This is the number of unique users who have created a “story” about a page in a specific period. It is similar to the engagement metric, but it only measures the direct actions by people which are – likes, shares, and comments. The main goal here is to determine if you posted something interesting and how this interest is peaking or fading over time and act accordingly.

  1. Best Post 

Channelling this metric allows you to display both internal and external information, like major responses to a particular post for example. This includes past and current periods of time, and by proxy track overall site performance and total growth.


Industrial benchmark 

As the name indicates, the benchmark allows you to monitor your page’s performance in comparison to similar pages. This is the very essence of competition where you -as a starting brand- use this feature to study some of the bigger whales in social media and how are they performing in relation to engaging readers and pulling in larger audiences.

 Personalized benchmark  

A hybrid between many metrics: Kpeiz  empowers the administrators to track and follow the metrics of other Facebook Pages of their choice. You can then generate insightful comparison reports showing what each of your competitors is doing right and wrong on Facebook. Use these insights to tweak your strategy to increase engagement.

In this day and age digital marketing as a whole and Facebook marketing especially is the way to compete. Your clients are online and so is the market and believe me the market is soaring and the competition is fierce. Luckily, monitoring Facebook Metrics helps you visualize important information on campaign performance, growth, and engagement. Keeping a close eye on such data helps you strategize different tactics to help you grow your online customer base as quickly as possible.

Each of these metrics has it is own merit, know their significance in order to use them together and have a better insight into the health of your  campaigns and grow your profits.

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