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Facebook Analysis: Samsung Vs Huawei in Egypt

Back in February 2016, Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu pledged that his brand will be the first in the market by 2021.  We could all sense that Huawei has taken big steps ahead in the field of the mobile industry. In such a short lapse of time, the new brand has made it to the top among the ancient giants in the field.

Social media being the lifeblood of any marketing strategy, we’ve set our focus on the two brands’ Facebook performances during the last couple of months.

It’s true, or rather evident that Samsung’s community is by far larger than that of Huawei’s: this latter counts 52,728,503 fans, while Samsung’s is 159,684,850.

Samsung vs Huawei: Facebook interaction

But as we’ve mentioned in the last post: what matters the most for marketers are interactions and the engagement rate. Simply because the more your page is animated with comments, the more it would gain visibility.

During the last couple of months, Huawei mobile was more interactive:

If we take a glimpse at the progress of interactions of Huawei Mobile (since it outperformed Samsung lately), we find that the interactions axis started to rise to start from the beginning of July.

It’s interesting that at some point the number of shares exceeded the number of likes which is translated as the audience’s endorsement of the brand’s content. If we dig a bit deeper, we find out that it coincides with the release of the brand’s new product.

Samsung vs Huawei: Facebook reactions

Either out of curiosity or within business competition I needed to know which emotion it has stirred in the audience. The new campaign is launching a new smartphone with the focus set on improving the camera.

We can easily deduce love followed by wow reactions come second and third following the likes which suggest that the audience liked the new product.

The main rule says that the higher is the number of fans, the lower is the engagement rate.

الصورة الحلوة ما تنطقش من غير كاميرا حلوة زي بتاعت #سامسونج A6 الجديد، اللي هيخلي كل حاجة حواليك أحلى وأوضح. #سامسونج #صورته_هتنطق Publiée par Samsung sur Dimanche 1 juillet 2018

We find however that the most engaging posts (above) are those of Samsung dating back to the start of July and dealing with the same feature: camera. Could it be a response to Huawei’s new smartphone?

Bring competition battles to social media and compare the Facebook performance of brands

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