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Facebook algorithm 2019: Everything you Need to know and Tips on How to Trick it!

If you’re wondering how to maximize the reach of your posts on the News Feed, let us enlighten you.

Keeping up with Facebook algorithm 2019 algorithm is of magnitude to understand how your content is ranked in the news feed and optimize it accordingly.

Facebook’s premise is to provide its users with the most relevant content. In other words, the platform will prioritize content that is more likely to elicit “positive interaction” from users.

Facebook Algorithm 2019 ranking factors:

Content is displayed according to relevance to the users. The new process hangs on the following ranking factors:

1- An inventory of the available content on Facebook

2- Signals that help Facebook decide which posts need to go first according to a list of criteria. The stronger the signals are, the higher the rank that this post has.

3- Predictions At this stage Facebook would determine which content will be displayed in the users’ feeds according to their previous behavior. Posts that are not likely to interest the user will be kept off the feed.

4- Final score is the score attributed to each post based on all the above factors.

Along with the ranking process, Facebook has added changes on the user’s preferences on the news feed, to make it more customizable:

Why am I seeing this post?

Back in March 2019, the platform provides its users with an account as to why a particular ad appears in their timeline and offers them the possibility to manage ads according to their preferences, which encourages marketers to make sure that the right content is addressed to the right audience.

It even emphasized its user-centered approach in May by implementing surveys to make sure that the content displayed is relevant and in perfect harmony with the individual’s preferences.

Let’s put some context on these changes,

Transparency over how content is ranked has been on Facebook’s agenda since 2017. It is within this context that content posted by individuals is better scored than content by publishers. In this sense, interactions between two people would be prioritized over interactions between a page and people.

“With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interaction between people. To do this, we will predict which posts you might want to interact with your friends about, and show these posts higher in the feed.” Mark Zuckerburg, CEO Facebook

Enough with technicalities, let’s deploy this information into some practical tips!

1- Engage with users who interact with your content

As we said meaningful or positive interaction is prioritized, then the platform scores your posts according to the interaction you got from users.

If your posts do not get positive interaction with the first circle of your audience, it is not going to make it visible to a wider audience.

The best practice is to engage further with users that interact with your post first, 

Simply liking the comment is not enough, engage in a discussion; or at least reply with a comment.

2- Build a video content strategy 

Almost every marketer you know came to the same finding: videos drive more engagement than other types of content!

Why marketers and audience love it? Animated content will encourage interaction, is more visually attractive, and may contain a CTA, all in one!

3- Start employee advocacy campaigns

A post that is shared is getting out of the first circle audience and consequently is getting more visibility and possibly more interactions.

It is the perfect time to start it, since Facebook is encouraging people to people interactions more than business to people.

4- Create and mingle within Facebook groups

On the other hand, it has been putting groups in the limelight.

Facebook groups are consistent with the new approach: they are centered around one theme, and accordingly, generate “meaningful interaction”

Algorithm updates come in fast rhythm making marketer tweak up their content strategies, and winners are the ones who adjust the best with those changes! 

Over to you, how did you deal with the new updates? 

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