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Facebook: a New Destination Added to Arabic Airline Networks?

The aerospace industry is always said to belong to the “Outdated Dinosaurs” industries; whose marketing strategies are thought to be a bit too serious to be applied to social media.

Well, statistics have proved the opposite!

Arabic airline companies could find their way to the social media field and started backing up their global marketing strategies with social media strategies.

Benchmark between Egyptian airlines:

Facebook proved to be the perfect spot to build a solid ground for communication bonding with customers. In Egypt, competition arose on Facebook:

Egyptair is by far the most interactive page with its audience. Its strategy relies mostly on updates (discounts, the announcement of new flights). The idea is to adopt the concept of “Go to the source for news”.

The best posts in the airline sector in Egypt

مصرللطيران الناقل الرسمي للمنتخب القومي #Russia 2018#EGYPTAIR the Official Carrier for the Egyptian National Football Team Publiée par EGYPTAIR sur Lundi 19 mars 2018

The post features the plane that would by then, carry the official Egyptian team to Russia. It was special because it had Mohamad Salah’s photo printed on it and was ensued by legal controversies.

The next best post is Nile Air’s post showing a behind the scenes photo of a passenger with the crew. Such initiatives are welcomed by the audience since they reveal the human side of the company and mitigates the apparent too serious side of the field.

كابتن عصام الحضري و كابتن عماد متعب على متن طائرة #النيل_للطيرانCapt. Essam Al Hadary and Capt. Emad Meteab onboard #NileAir #طايرين_بيك Publiée par Nile Air sur Jeudi 11 janvier 2018

Benchmark between Tunisian airlines:

In Tunisia, the two leading companies were competing over social media dominance:

If we take a glance at the best posts in the sector in Tunisia during the last semester, we find that they’re all Tunisair’s. They range from announcements  (the new Tunisair app and the discount offer JAWI) to a programme about the importance of women’s involvement in the cabin crew.

رحلة على متن طائرة الخطوط التونسة تفاصيل وكواليس رحلة على متن طائرة الخطوط التونسية محور برنامج "مرا تونسية" يوم الأحد 4 فيفري 2018. Publiée par Tunisair sur Mardi 6 février 2018

Benchmark between Jordanian airlines:

In Jordan, the Royal Jordanian Airlines adopts an overly regular tempo of publication:

Its best post announces the adding of new destinations to the company’s network:

تفتخر الملكيّة الأردنيّة بإضافة كوبينهاجن لشبكة وجهاتها بواقع ثلاث رحلات أسبوعية ابتداءً من 2018/6/3 Royal Jordanian… Publiée par Royal Jordanian Airlines sur Lundi 22 janvier 2018

Benchmark between Moroccan airlines:

The Royal Air Maroc, on the other hand, adopted a showy strategy that relied heavily on videos and photos :

The best post during the last semester was an announcement of an offer for  Ivorian students in Morocco:

Étudiants Ivoiriens au Maroc, cette offre est pour vous ! Ne ratez pas cette occasion pour retrouver vos familles et amis ! Publiée par Royal Air Maroc sur Vendredi 30 mars 2018

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