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We tend to overthink content and ways that will take engagement to the next level.

When the right content could be around the corner!

Working in the social marketing field, I know how it feels when you struggle with the analysis-paralysis syndrome: basically, you feel too immersed, stuck in one idea.

Either we focus too much on details, like worrying about the colors, posting frequency etc.

Or, we try to think outside the box, but actually, end up with far-fetched ideas and lose the focus.

Either way, creating engaging content shouldn’t be a long process. It only needs to be straightforward and organized.

Start with discovering what’s trending out there: you could get inspiration from your competitors’ previous or running campaigns in order to upgrade yours.

For more precision, it’s better to rely on social media analytics tool: Kpeiz helps to spot the best posts in your sector during a period of time that you choose.

Finding out the posts that shook the Facebook algorithm will certainly enlighten you on which way to go.

They say you don’t change a winning team, I’d say you don’t change a winning content.

Skim through your past posts and find out which was the most engaging content.

Check which type of posts engages better: skim through posts that you’ve already published to find out.

Or, simply get your past performance analyzed by Kpeiz in order to save time and efforts

Now, synthesize!

Think of trending ways to convey your message via the winning content. Simple details can help you make smart decisions to drive engagement.

It is a process of adjusting your strategy to what the public wants/needs.

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