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Digitalk #1 : The Ultimate tools to Boost my Social Media Campaign

When conducting a social media campaign, a toolbox is vital to get the best out of your efforts.

Fares Echeikh, a social media manager, unveils the toolkit he makes use of to successfully conduct his activities on social media.

Recognizing my stand & Setting my objectives!

1- Kpeiz

Everyone needs a point of departure when launching campaigns. I start with assessing my current position by going through insights and thorough indicators to fix clear and attainable objectives.

In order to do so, I use Kpeiz: I get in-depth details having to do with variations in the number of fans, the best timing and days of posting and its rhythm, the typology of posts along with that of interactions.

I dive deeper to know more about my audience’s preferences by gathering data about their geographical location, age, and gender: this data will help me establish my social media brand voice and outline campaigns that correspond to their need and interest!

2- Buzzsumo

Decisions over the content is a delicate task. Buzzsumo helps me in finding up-to-date, and popular content.

It allows to try out keywords and find trending posts that resonate with it.  And, gives corresponding numbers which help me figure out whether to use them or not. This would be very helpful in content creation.

Organizing my content!

3- Basecamp

We use Basecamp so that everyone on the team is updated about the progress of each project. It is an online hub that makes collaboration between all team members easy.

Every change or modification on an ad, for instance, is notified. It is of great utility to the campaign planning to allocate responsibilities and tasks and to keep everyone involved in the process.

4- Todoist

If Basecamp keeps teamwork organized, Todoist would allow keeping my individual organization of tasks into my own order.

Its appealing and minimalist UI makes the task organization very clear. Setting your tasks on a neat platform helps give each task its share of focus.

5- Buffer

Launching campaigns simultaneously on different social media channels can take too much time that I prefer spending on other more effective actives. Relying on a social media management tool to do the task seems essential to me.

We, marketers, need to set up the campaign with perfect content, select the ultimate timing; be it from my desktop or mobile, and leave it to buffer to schedule the ads.

 6- Canvanizer

As a conceptualizer, I found that Canvanizer makes the customer journey more concrete. You know how each brand has its own specificities and requires a content creation process that is in harmony with its identity

This platform allows me to brainstorm and concretize my projects in a more effective way, and monitor the progress of each project on its own by checking out the history of the canvas I have been creating.

This helps me take control over the thread line of my campaigns and keep them aligned with the overall brand voice.

Comparing my results & evaluating my campaign!


Once a project is finished I move to the evaluation: my aim here is to gain an independent perspective about how well I performed, to clearly identify specific areas of opportunity and prioritize areas of improvement.

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