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Data-driven Insights on Facebook interaction in the Telecom Sector in Egypt

The telecom sector is a very competitive business: telecom brands are on a constant race to take advantage of all potentials. Ramadan followed by the world cup present key opportunities to find their way to more customers’ hearts and minds.

The service offered in this sector is pretty much the same; a solid social media strategy is the key differentiator

Top brands in the telecom sector in Egypt during the last month:

We can get deeper insights, using Kpeiz, that tell us about the social media voice of each brand.

The tone of voice of each Telecom brand:

The tone of each brand during the past semester is identifiable by means of these pie charts:

The focus of the brands above is set on emotional appeal; while Etisalat is rather laughter-inducing.

The figures above serve a variety of purposes:

Externally: on the competitive axis:

  1. You can start mapping the competition by identifying the social media tone of your competitors

  2. Check how efficient it is for their strategy.

  3. Identify the loopholes, and learn lessons.

Internally: audit your performance

  1. You can check whether the social media brand voice you have set is coherent: is the language used in harmony with the tone? And if you’ve set the right purposes for your brand voice.

  2. Identify your buyer persona / audience

  3. Spot the posts that triggered your audience emotionally the most

For example, Etisalat Misr engaged in a laugh-inducing relation with its audience. In this figure, we can identify the most laughed at posts.

The Takeaway:

Setting up your social media brand voice is an important step, but keeping track of it is of further importance to adjust your voice to your audience’s preferences.

Grounding your analysis on data, will help you build create an impactful social media brand voice that speaks to your audience.

Want to explore more sector data? Use our Market Insight feature and add your first sector benchmark.

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