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Confectionary brands in Jordan standing out on Facebook!

For some it’s comfort food for others it’s a guilty pleasure.

Either way snacks brands are continually scrambling on Facebook to glean visibility on the newsfeed of their audience.

Nothing is more eloquent than numbers to illustrate the sector’s reliance on social media as the backbone of its marketing strategy.

Total fans on confectionary brands pages in Jordan:

In Jordan the sector has proved to be appealing to social media audience: the chips industry has reached 370 428 as a total number of fans

Most Engaging Confectionary Brands on Facebook

Lay’s Arabia is by far the most popular page among the chips brands in Jordan. Yet it’s the least interactive page during July. As far as interaction is concerned we find Hala Chips in the top.

Interaction depends on the number of posts shared. During the last month, Hala Chips was the most interactive page with 26 posts, followed by Dandana Chips with 17 posts, Mr. Chips with 12 posts and Lay’s with only 1 post.

Taking a glimpse at the Facebook report of the Ice Cream popular local brand in Jordan, Einsberg, we find that the brand relied solely on photos during July, click on the photo below to detect the best days and timing during which the posts performed the best.

Eastern Sweets get a great deal of attention from Facebook users: the total number of fans has reached 117 308 and 16 333 as the sectorial average number of interactions per page.

The best post during July in terms of the engagement rate was:

مباراة القوة والأصرار لإحراز لقب كأس العالم من برأيكم سيحقق كأس العالم كرواتيا ام فرنسا ؟! 🤔شاركونا توقعاتكم في… Publiée par ‎حلويات نبع القريون‎ sur Samedi 14 juillet 2018

It induced the audience to participate in a wall game and win 3 kilos Kunafa and it is linked also to the final match of the world cup. The best-performing post in terms of interaction during July was:

#هل_تعلم ما هي فوائد الأفوكادو 🤔؟1. تقوية وتنشيط الذاكرة والنسيان المتكرر.2. حماية القلب والعروق.3. منع تصلب… Publiée par ‎Aghati Sweets حلويات اغاتي‎ sur Vendredi 27 juillet 2018

It shows an appealing picture of avocado with its benefits and encourages the audience to order it from Aghati. In so doing, they let the audience know that they do recipes with it which could be a differentiator in this segment of the sector.

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