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Coming Up: You can Customize Your Comments’ Audience on Facebook!

Right after the Cambridge Analytica case, Facebook has been taking measures to give more flexibility to users to limit access to their personal data.

Currently, new functionalities are being tested. Facebook intends to give its users the possibility to comment privately.

Once the functionality gets final approval, it will add new benefits for marketers and give them more space of activity.

Put simply, if you’re a user who hesitates to comment a public post, you can choose to make your comment only visible by your friends. In so doing, you can converse freely with your friends via comments that only you and your friends can see.

Marketers can extract many advantages out this still-under-test option since fans would be more likely to interact via comments, and tag their friends. This, in return, would improve the engagement rate. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

In the same context, Facebook has posted yesterday a commercial to back up the series of the coming updates. The video includes a brief survey of Facebook’s primary social goals, and alludes at the Cambridge Analytica scandal with the expression “Something happened”; in response to which the video ends up saying that “Something is going to change”.

Stay tuned, and be prepared, see how those changes would affect your marketing performance on social media via Kpeiz.

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