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Coffee Brands that stood out on Facebook during October Nigeria

The coffee and tea sector is important to all ranges of people. Competition is heating up on social media between brands to have the most impactful marketing strategy on the audience.

In a previous article, we analyzed the different key indicators that social media marketers need to keep track of. All in all, it depends on the axes of improvement that marketers have set based on their previous reports.

Mostly the first and foremost KPI that needs to be taken into consideration is the engagement rate, and on a lesser degree (depending on the situation), that of interactions.

That’s why we will be grounding our analysis on these two KPIs using Kpeiz.

The Top 5 coffee brands in Nigeria that are on the top as far as interaction is concerned are the following:

Ahmad Tea Nigeria was on the top of the interactions rank with 11 533 interactions during October. It is traced to the fact that it is the most popular page as far as the number of fans is concerned.

If we have a close look at each of the pages, we find that all the statistics proportional, in the sense that the most engaging brands have more number of fans and have shared more posts

I can dive a bit deeper to define a deeper level of each community’s engagement by checking the number of shares in each page during October.

Ahmad Tea Nigeria, and Lipton keep their position as first and second. Then, interestingly we find Almonds Slimming Tea as third with 24 shares and only one post.

■2019 Beckons in Lagos ■Fast Fat Burner■Flat Tummy ■Slim Arms ■Slim Thighs ■Firm Shapely Body ■Detoxes @ N3000/Pack/25… Publiée par Almonds Slimming Tea sur Mardi 16 octobre 2018

The action of sharing translates the audience’s endorsement of the brand. Users who share the brand’s content become indirectly ambassadors of the brand since they convey the brand’s content.

We can also spot the best performing posts in the sector during October aka the most engaging ones:

It doesn't matter where you're from – or how you feel… There's always peace in a creamy cup of Cowbell Coffee. #TasteitLoveit Publiée par Cowbell Coffee sur Jeudi 25 octobre 2018

We can deduce from the high number of interactions on Cowbell Coffee that the post has been sponsored.

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