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Basic Moves to Set Up Your Social Media Strategy!

If you’re new in the field of digital marketing, keep in mind that organization is your key to success and that randomness is the worst of your enemies.

Your stand needs to be elaborated on two axes

The more you add precision to your social media strategy, the better your results will be.

1. Evaluate the past performance, so far so good?

Before you hit the road, you need to know where you are. Kpeiz is your GPS in this sense.

Assessing your key indicators is: set your starting point by getting a report, this will help you identify the past strengths and weaknesses. In so doing, you can detect the spots of improvement. You need this data to orient your analytical thinking in a more potential-driven axis.

2. Keep your friends close but your competitors closer!

Keep a sneaky eye on their performance (Kpeiz allows you to spot their best posts and to keep track on their performance on a daily basis).

Discern opportunities: where they fail and you can succeed, and spot areas where you can place improvement axes.

Benchmarking is the key to get all the data, and identify the calls for change. 

3. Nurture your creativity 

You must be full of ideas once you’ve towered you competitors performances. But not enough; your objective is to outperform them.

Get inspired by going on websites of ideas, and start categorizing your thoughts according to themes and objectives.

4. Set objectives and fix your action plan

Your objectives need to be neither easily achievable nor impossible to make. Challenge yourself by making attainable objectives.

According to this latter, you need to fix a solid action plan. Make sure your plan touches all the levels.

Strategizing is not an easy task, but relying on the right tools will make it easier for you Good luck and may the statistiscs be with you !

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