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Back from Vivatech 2018 Edition!

Some days earlier, Paris invited technology enthusiasts from all over the world to a trip into the future, the new era of technology.

Kpeiz was there, and here’s a wrap-up of what we witnessed!

What might be of interest to you fellow digital marketers is Zuckerberg’s intervention:  he highlighted the measures taken by his group to eliminate fake news on his platform, false accounts and foreign interventions during election campaigns. Along with that, he embraced the RGPD’s regulations.

Facebook has also put in place new control tools to comply with European regulations, including a “Clear History” button similar to the one that exists in Internet browsers.

In numbers, there more than 100,000 attendees, 9000 startups, 1900 investors and 1900 journalists with 125 countries represented.

According to numbers also, the number of women occupying key posts in companies dropped compared to last year’s edition. Women were visibly present in the event, but there weren’t many women being founder or co-founders of startups.

It was noticeable how many accelerators in Vivatech 2018 set as their main focus to encourage women involvement in the entrepreneurship field.

"10% de femmes dans la tech et 27% dans le digital. Nous souhaitons faire bouger les choses en organisant une grande conférence avec 1500 lycéennes et jeunes femmes qui veulent se lancer et à qui on va donner les moyens de réussir." @JulieRanty #VivaTech #GirlPower pic.twitter.com/IN9WY8bh2l — WILLA by Paris Pionnières (@Willa_off) April 5, 2018

One thing that would jump out at you is the number of robots that were exhibited there: you find yourself in the midst of humanoid robots endowed with speech, robot combats and future flying cars.

Following the trend, L’Oréal introduced its makeup tester robot. Visitors were amazed by a robotic arm dropping eye shadow and mascara at a high speed on a doll’s face.

On another note, the presence of African startups would not escape the attention. African startups affirmed their presence via the global network via the Africa Tech gathering the best digital innovation talents “in Africa and for Africa”.

The African ecosystem of startups covers a variety of fields ranging from fintech, insurtech, AI, and big data.

The French president pledged to provide some financial support to the best African startups.

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