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Ambassadors Space with Lindsay Emeka Eke: Social Media Journey and beyond!

Do you see yourself as a multidisciplinary profile, holding curiosity about so many fields, eager to engage in too many experiences, and open to many horizons?

This is just how youths of today are!

Lindsay Emeka Eke, our Nigerian friend, fits that profile quite well. After stopping by many stations, he now proceeds his journey in the social media field, and we asked him a couple of questions in that sense.

Q: What kind of goals do you have entering the social media field?

A: I will say engaging with people of different knowledge and fields of practices. This is the most important relationship to a business-inclined system because clients meet online, potential customers and potential investors also!

So it is important to engage as many people as possible in order to engage them with what you are offering online whether it is marketing or brand promotion. In so doing, that engagement can lead to sales.

Q: What are the most important metrics and KPIs for measuring success online?

A: Firstly, the content of the post. It determines the number of people it engages by means of different types of interactions which includes likes, comments, and shares along with reach.

Secondly, most importantly, the number of comments or contribution because with those two KPIs you can quantify those who agree with you and those who have other perspectives of what you’re offering or marketing. Comments are signs of more engagement and a sort of endorsement from your audience to your content.

It helps you reach them and proceed to convert them into potential clients and categorize those who are likely to go for the services you’d be arranging in the future.

Q:Which brands doing social media do you admire?

A: I admire a lot of brands as they are all unique in their own ways and I get to learn from them.

Some of them include Vigin Airways, MARLEQ GROUP, Guinness, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc.

Q:Tell me about the campaign you’re most proud of!

A: The campaign I’m most proud of is that of GrahamR Writing LLC, South Carolina USA. I’m the Social Media Manager there. It is a self-publishing firm that publishes books.

Those books are written by prisoners still doing their time in prison. My work there is to promote as much as possible and launch campaigns so that people get to know about these books, buy them and encourage authors who are still doing time in prison so that they can take it as prison reform to get better and mix properly into society when they get released from prison.

This is the campaign that I’m most proud of because it helps me become a part of helping those men become better persons.

Q:What are your predictions for social media in 2019?

A: My predictions for social media in 2019 is that it is going to be more powerful and engaging than what we already have now. The reason is that more brands and more individuals are now taking their businesses, brands, products to social media because that’s where everybody is.

As much as over 10 billion persons are online at almost every given period, and in every one of them,

there’s a potential customer, a potential buyer among these persons online. So, based on the media by which you’re promoting your product or service depending on your activity sector.

The medium may change according to the specificities of the social media channel, but your online message never changes. Because there are always hundreds of people online and businesses are becoming more and more aware that they need to tailor and categorize their content according to the mutual interests they have with their audience.

And this is why social media in 2019 is going to be the real deal!

Q: Any advice for people who want to get into your field?

A: About my advice to people who would like to get into my field, I operate in many fields, but they all fall into project management.

So my advice to people who want to come into project management, he/she has to have a lot of patience and be able to persevere. And most importantly has to have a positive mental attitude.

In project management, nothing comes easily. It requires a lot of patience from the designing stage where you start putting the ideas into design until it gets to the end of the project.

Q:How did social media change in 2018?

A: Social media changed in 2018 in a very huge way because many people have gone beyond the whole idea of communicating and reaching out to family and friends and have started using it for what it is really meant for,  which is to market and promote their brands, engage the persons they meet online and turn them into sales.

So, it has become a huge deal as far as 2018 is concerned because so many businesses now have started seeing it as a serious marketing avenue at that by making it monetizable.

Q:How important are social media and online platforms for marketing in 2018?

A: Social media and online platforms as marketing tools in 2018 is unrivalled.

Almost every brand you can think of has now taken their marketing strategies to social media because that is the way they get engaged and reach their targeted consumers. So, it is either Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, just name it! Whatever medium that allows them to get in touch with potential targeted customers, they take their brands there, which is why it is a huge deal in 2018.

Q:How would you describe the marketing scene in 2018?

A: The marketing scene in 2018 can be described as competitive!

And the reason is that every brand in almost every sector has joined the competition on social media. Because they know that is where their consumers and buyers are, and investors as well.

So, they extend their marketing there, which is why it is a big deal as far as this model of doing business is concerned. Because we can notice that almost everyone lives online via their virtual profiles.

So, if you want to have a competitive edge in any competition, it is important for the service you are rendering to be through social media.

The first thing millions of people do when they wake up in the morning is to go online which is why it is very necessary for any brand to make sure that it is taking full advantage of social media in whatever form of marketing they are doing.

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