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Advantageous Tools for Social Media Marketers!

Time is money in the field of social media. Managing your work smartly is the key to boost your performance and achieve better feedback and profits.

In this article we have picked a selection of tools and arranged them according to categories that will help be more productive.



A good marketer is a good manager: you need to manage your strategy, time and tasks


As its slogan says “Organize your life. Then go enjoy it”. First things first, you need to be organized, chaos is the worst of your enemies!

Tasks fall into categories that you would set according to deadlines and priorities. Todoist is marked by its simplicity and ease of use. Once you set your tasks you can focus on them.You can either set your personal tasks, or share collaborative tasks.


Getting distracted either by notifications or by other factors happens all the time at work which interrupts the thread of your thoughts .Zenty is a notification blocker and focus booster app that helps you get in the mood for work without being interrupted. It suggests focus session of 25 minutes without swiping off on your mobile.

Just like its slogan tells about it “”It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos”. The app helps you find concentration and the state of mind that helps organize your thoughts and move to executing them.


As a marketer, you would need to keep improving your strategy and adjusting it every now and then. There is no better way to do so than to ground it on statistics and actual numbers.

Kpeiz a platform that allows marketers to identify their audience and unveil their preferences, to evaluate the progress of social media performance by getting daily detailed reports.

Using this tool, you can make benchmarks to recognize the brands’ standpoint compared to others.


Google Trends:

You would need to see what the public thinks to decide what to deliver in turn. Google Trends enables you to know in which frequency a world has been looked for in Google. It is segmented by region, language and duration.

This dataset would be a stimulus of new ideas that respond to the audience’s ambience. In so doing you would save time and efforts to find out efficient ideas.



There is no simpler way to make the posts’ creation on social media an easy and enjoyable task. It would take you a few minutes to create your social media visuals using a variety of templates and decorating elements.

Canva is your friend, no need to keep waiting for your visuals to be ready, do it yourself the way you want, in the size you need. You would just need to choose the right template, and let the coloring game start!

Pre-posting Tweaks

Before you post you would certainly check and add some necessary modifications

CoSchedule headline analyser:

You, fellow marketers know it best: grabbing your audience lies primarily in your headline. You never really know which is the best wording, and formulation to adopt. CoSchesule gives precise percentages on your headlines according to whether they’re common, emotional, easy to digest, or powerful.

You should be satisfied with your headline if you get the green color with your percentage.

Hemingway app

Hemingway app will evaluate the readability of your text and helps you deliver a quality text to your audience. It detects unclear, lengthy sentences, misused words, grammatical errors, etc. Using it is very easy, you just need to copy and paste your text in the Hemmingway app and get your feedback straightaway.

Using these tools for social media will take your results to the next level. The game is yours now to up your productivity!

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