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6 Influential Leaders Spoke of Marketing Before it Ever Existed!

This time, we’re taking a leap back in history to unveil some valuable marketing lessons from the least expected sources!

They say good marketers must be good thinkers; this article rhymes with this quite well!

1- Aristotle

Rhetoric, the art of persuasion, or in simple terms, how to get what you want only using words.

According to him, the basic elements of rhetoric are Logos referring to logic, Pathos referring to stories that appeal to the audience’s emotions and Ethos referring to ethics implying that content needs to be authentic which are basic elements for efficient content creation.

Today: content marketing is actually grounded on these basics. The objective on content marketers is to generate demand for their product/ service via words.

2- Conrad Gressnard

By now is known as the inventor of word of the mouth marketing.

Back in his days, he was known for a poem he wrote about a tulip making its price rise up to 1 million $.

Today: Influence marketing is a major marketing lever in 2019!

A great majority of brands ranging from small, local, to international brands are using this approach.

3- Henry Ford

Pioneer in the mobile industry, but also in marketing; Henry Ford was an influential marketer as he could sell lifestyle and freedom values alongside his product.

Today: Lifestyle is a winning ingredient in good marketing recipes. 

Including lifestyle in your marketing strategy would reveal the human side of your team, boost your business values and create proximity with the audience.

4- Walt Disney

“I suppose my formula might be: dream, diversify and never miss an angle.”

And we suppose that these qualities fit a marketer’s profile quite well!

Walt’s marketing premise was making the experience market itself.

5- David Ogivly

“Never stop testing and your marketing will never stop improving”

No doubt one of the founding fathers of advertising. Besides pioneering in the A/B testing approach, Ogilvy was a highly creative mind who was also among the first businessmen to consider marketing analytics. 

Today: A/B  testing is a pillar in today’s marketing. 

Any marketer must have tried A/B testing at some point to identify his winning formula!

6- Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash leveled up her business in defying yet smart way. Her marketing approach highlighted “Audience Identification”. 

She made sure her products reach the right potential buyers (women aged between 25-55)  via highly relevant channels (women themselves). To guarantee success, she provided the highest sales commissions for women who worked as her brand’s consultants.

No need to be a philisopher to know how to approach your audience! You need a good social media analytics tool to assess your social media content value!


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