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5 Tunisian Instagrammers To Keep An Eye On

When it comes to Tunisia or the Arab World, social media has contributed in enlarging the scope of freedom for young girls and women. This new space allowed girls to have a voice and share their opinion on many controversial issues openly and without shame or fear.

And now more than ever, young Tunisians are making their way in social media and developing a relatively big community around them.

While Tunisians are keen to use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Instagram is emerging as their favorite to create content or follow content creations.

With the rise of instagram content creation, many Tunisians have found in Instagram an outlet for creativity, self-expression and community engagement. Be it simply documenting their lives with their audience or creating engaging and entertaining videos, many are starting to reap the fruits of hard work, consistency and perseverance.

We take a look at some girls on Instagram who succeeded in building a niche for themselves and providing relevant content to the Tunisian audience hungry for different topics, humour and content.

1. Olfa Kaabi

With 115k followers on Instagram, Olfa Kaabi is one of the Tunisian girls whose self-titled Instagram is dedicated to a lot of topics. From being a makeup artist one day to trying many delicious Keto recipes the next, her Instagram account is a space for entertainment and inspiration.

Being a human is what we think Olfa Kaabi is promoting on her platform. A body positive advocate, a healthy-diet promoter and a makeup lover, no one can reduce her to one single reductive category or put a label on her content.

2. Rym Khouja

With 104K followers on her account, Rym Khouja is the Tunisian girl who chronicles her journey in life with all its ups and downs. Her audience follows her with her family, friends and daily life without being spared moments of doubt, sadness or anxiety.

Featuring haul, make-up tutorial, life updates, funny videos with her father and cats, and work chronicles, her platform is made for all Tunisian girls who are seeking genuine content to get inspired and motivated.

3. Norchene Doura

Norchene Doura is a fitness model and tunisian bodybuilder who conquered the instagram content with her training sessions and tips. With consistent and niche-relevant content, Nourchene has developed a trusted brand for herself and maintained her credibility till this day.

This platform is dedicated to debunk myths about women who work out and adapt an active lifestyle. Her newly-launched “Stay fit with Norchene” series is another step forward to the content she’s truly invested in creating. This mini-series is made to answer the frequently asked questions about fitness, healthy diet and women concisely and accurately.

4. Amal Bedhiefi

In a world full of fashion bloggers and foodstagrammers, bookstagrammers are invading social media to create a space for people whose love for the printed books and culture is very motivating.

In Tunisia, a country where scarring statistics about reading emerge every now and then, Amal Books has been able to build a community of 41.2 k followers.

If you’re predicting the death of the book, Amal Books proves you wrong. Amal is storming instagram with her igniting passion for reading, her educational content on controversial issues such as mental health, bullying, feminism and so on.

Beside her niche-specific content, Amal chronicles with her followers her uni journey inspiring women and men alike to pursue their passion and never give up.

5. Wiem Lassoued

A medical student from Jerjis, Wiem Lassoued is a tunisian girl trying to create an entertaining space on Instagram. With 30.4K followers on Instagram, she is sharing her medlife, holiday breaks and family life. Wiem seems to be on a mission to promote her hometown to the world and will surely be taking her growing community. A vlogger, a lifestyle instagrammer and a youtuber, she keeps her audience curious to know what she has on store for them.

Similar to Noor star, the young content creator has conquered youtube allowing herself to attract more visibility and creating more entertaining and emotional pieces.

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