• Meriem Belhiba

5 Amazing Tools for social media content inspiration

As social media manager, your tasks can seem daunting sometimes. On some days, it’s dreadful to find inspiration and fill the gaps of your social media calendars. You can’t be on top of every single thing you conduct.

And, calm down! It happens to all of us!

You’re either overwhelmed by the huge amount of content you’re exposed to on facebook instagram and other social media platforms or you’re totally stuck waiting for a drop of inspiration from anywhere. It's a common problem when you're a social media manager.

What you see on social media and you stumble upon inspiration tools can be out of topic and thus, serve nothing to get you the inspiration you need to unleash your creativity and productivity.

Looking for the right tools for social media content inspiration? Keep searching and digging deeper in the wide web! Because, whatever the tool you will find, it should be tailored to your needs. And, we are here trying to help you find this tool and get you a starting point for your quest.

Discover these 5 tools for social media content inspiration that will help you create relevant, interesting and timely content!


You may be asking yourself “how on earth can I lack inspiration when I am always exposed to social media content and there are thousands of marketers producing hundreds of pieces every day?” Simply put, we are living in an Information Overload Era. There is too much information over there to digest and understand and there is too much noise in the world of social media and internet to actually listen to what matters.

Feedly offers a solution for this. It is basically an information and news aggregator application available for web browsers and mobile. It is your ultimate tool for efficient content filtration. You choose the blogs, websites, platforms, social media pages and so on you want to track on a regular basis and it helps you save them and present them in a feed you scroll whenever you want. This helps you keep up with what you need to read and know without missing a thing or stumbling on content you don’t want or need to see.


Scoop.it is a tool that defines itself as “a content engine”. This is how it prefers to present their social media content curation tool. If you’re looking for similar topics to those you’re tackling, it’s a great tool to track the relevant content created by experts and influencers. All you need to do is enter the keywords related to the topic you want to explore and you will get the most shared content.

And here is the bonus: you will be connected to people who are into your interests. Scoop.it is a space where you can interact and comment to the content of other marketers and start insightful discussions.

Marketing Examples:

Okay. We know this. This is not a tool! However, it’s a potent platform where you can read case studies and success stories in content marketing. Using the filters, you can select which topic you want to read about. Ranging from social media, content, copywriting to SEO and growth hacking, you will get inspiration and actionable tips from the experience of emerging startups.

What makes this platform special is their unique and valuable content. They dig deeper in the world of small businesses and startups enabling you to pool ideas and strategies.

Once you start using this platform, you will discover businesses overlooked or underrated by famous blogs. If you’re more of a newsletter person, you can subscribe to get all of the new content straight off your email inbox.

Evernote and Marker.io combined:

We bet your phone is crowded with screenshots from here and there. You see a piece of content that you like and you screenshot it and then forget about it. Or, wait! You notice it when it’s too late. We all take our inspiration from other social media marketers and content. There is no shame in this.

But, it’s irritating how you miss the goal of being inspired at the right time.

The solution for this is quite simple: a swipe file. For those who are not familiar with the term, a swipe file is a place that aggregates all the eye-catching resources you stumbled upon and actionable information you know you will need. Here your swipe file will gather all your favorite social media posts created by other marketers.

When you are on the outlook for inspiration, you will head to your swipe file and go through all the great content you collected to have your own creative juices flowing.

A marketer is after all a skillful thief. We are not encouraging you to steal others. Building on already-done concepts and attuning it to your brand image and guideline are both legitimate ways to use the ideas of others.

To create this swipe file, you will need a combination of screenshot tools and a cloud storage app. We highly recommend using Marker.io combined with Evernote. The process is easy and effortless. Marker.io enables you to clip images and put the modifications you need from annotations to emojis. Then, you will store them directly in Evernote.


While you strive for creativity, your previous content and your competition’s can be a great source of creativity. And, to say it better: it’s a better source of creativity that brings numbers and results.

Let’s start first with your previous content. Under your page’s statistics and metrics lay a wealth of information to dig deep in it and extract insightful guidelines. When we talk about social media content creation, we usually talk about a lot of experimentation and time. And, sometimes it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Thus, your experimentation should be built upon results. You should start spotting the type of content that resonates more with your fans and gets the highest engagement rate or share number or any metric you use to track your performance.

Once you detect this, you can know in which direction you should take your content calendar towards.

But, your content is not enough to be a source of inspiration for your social media content. Your competition is always a complementary spring from which a lot of insights stem. You should keep an eye on your competitors and analyse their social media content strategies. What works best for them? Which social media posts are trending this period? Which posts are not getting attention from the audience? These questions compounded with smart and specific ones can guide you through towards your next social media posts.

Using these 5 tools, you will always be ready to create valuable social media content that brings you results. Crafting well targeted and relevant content, your audience will get what they want. Result: constantly increasing brand awareness and more goals achieved every month.


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