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5 Things to Check before You Post on Social Media!

Preparing a checklist of points you need to check before you post is a step that you should never overlook. Any minor mistake can impact your overall efforts, but it’s easily avoidable!

In this article, I’ve prepared a checklist in the form of questions you absolutely need to answer before you post!

1- Estimate the added value of the post

Do you always wonder if you’re overpublishing or not sharing enough content? A good post is judged by its added value. You need to see your posts with your audience’s eyes to check their relevance to their interest and taste.

Asses the post, as to whether it can be the ground for ensuing advertising posts.

2- Does the featured image correspond to the text?

Make sure that the image is in in total coherence with the corresponding text. Keep in mind that the image is the first thing that captures attention before the text. So, it needs to be appealing. Playing on eye-catchy colors can be a great idea.

In a nutshell, the image needs to be inviting and the text needs to be more informative; the message needs to be conveyed either ways.

3- Did I choose the right format?

Check if you’ve written the ultimate number of words, you don’t want to bore you audience with a lengthy text or lose them due to a brief or shallow text.

Ask yourself if there is something else you can add or edit to get your post more visibility.

4- Is it a good timing for this post?

Beware, by timing we do not refer to time. What you need to check is whether your post is relevant to the overall context: check if it’s like outdated news, or relevant to past events that are no longer

If so, try to update your post if you think it you can still extract some benefits from it. Or, just save it for another suitable occasion . It’s possible that the news you’ve written about would pop up some days later.

5- Is it the Ultimate Time to Post

When we talk about time, we actually refer to the best time to publish. The more accurate, the better. We have explained here how important this is to widen the reach of your post.

If you schedule your posts, make sure that you’ve not confused content. Double-checking is a pivotal step before hitting the “publish” buttom. The last thing you want is to find a mistake and keepv worrying if someone saw it before you correct it.

No biggies if you skipped one though, here’s a reminder on how you may recover from a misstep, and keep your strategy on the preset track

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