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5 Ideas for your Instagram Reels

Since August, Instagram rolled out a new functionality called “reels”, a functionality inspired by the type of videos TikTok allows its users to create.

Reels allows users to create short videos and ignite their creativity by adding more flexibility on the elements used in the video: filters, music, AR, etc.

The inspiration is there. Instagram team has obvisoulsky inspired this new format from TitTok, its direct competitor. But, Instagram outsmarts these new apps with its ability to attract brands and influencers alike to publish content on a daily basis. And now, Instagram is inciting its users to think differently of the content they publish in order to unleash their creativity using reels and improve their engagement rate and follower growth.

The new feature is backed up with more updates: a dedicated section in the “explore” page, audio suggestions based on trending music or previously chosen ones, a notification sent when your reels made it to the explore section, and so on.

If you’re not using Instagram reels for your content or content strategy, you are probably missing one of the most growth hacking instagram tools.

Want to know what type of video you may create for your brand or clients’?

Here are 5 ideas on how to use this new feature and upscale your instagram performance.

1- Before and After:

This type of videos is very spread on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. Showing the before/after of a special moment is always a good idea. Brands can use this type of videos to highlight the benefits of their products by resorting to content creators to present them.

Makeup artists and lifestyle influencers use this format to show the before/after makeup session. It’s vivid and it blatantly shows the difference is obvious.

2- Introduce your product:

Want to promote your product? Reels is here for you! We cannot imagine something better than picturing how the product can fit the customer, how it would be used or better how it would change lives!

Originality and creativity are key elements in creating reels on Instagram. Try to make a collaboration with micro content creators who will take the responsibility of creating creative reels.

If you’re taking this feature seriously in your instagram strategy, an influencer campaign or a dedicated in-house team can be good ideas to spark your presence.

3- Tips:

Instagram is your number 1 source of inspiration. Users head to Instagram to get inspired and to know how certain things function, be it fashion, makeup, recipes and so on. Can you imagine inspiration without know-how? Or without tips and tricks?

For the lazy out there who needs to understand things when they are clearly articulated, don’t waste their time. Give them some tips about your niche or field of expertise and you will educate and inspire them.

4- How-to Instagram Reels:

Along with tips, how-to short videos can fit your brand perfectly. Ranging from recipes and decor to workout and makeup, you can always find an opportunity to seize. It may seem to you that this type of videos are more suitable for youtube or IGTV. Don’t let the 30-second reels blind your creative skills.

Use the caption and the video to show your users how to do things you’re deemed expert in.

5- Behind the scene:

Behind the scene reels are always exciting to watch. A brand is human, remember? Showing how your photo session was made or how your product was manufactured or produced are a few ideas you can apply on your brand.

Reels offer you the flexibility and the ability to create this type of videos using catchy music and the smooth translations it allows you to make.

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