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5 Early Social Media Tips for Tension-Free Holiday!

Winners begin early!

Christmas will be in exactly three weeks from now. For many, it is a holly jolly-spirited occasion that requires a lot of preparation.

For marketers, it’s a culmination of tasks and rush. Stress snowballs as the holiday approaches, and peaks at the last week.

To alleviate eventual tensions, you should make pre-holiday preparations so that the holiday season runs smoothly. We’ve rounded up 5 social media holiday tips to help you get through it!

1. Add a celebratory filter on your brand

Social channels are the perfect runway to showcase your brand tone and voice!

Let your brand be itself: don’t hesitate to highlight your pre-set tone and voice during festive events.

Creating a festive brand image that is visible in your social media networks backgrounds will create a proximity with your audience

The trick is that audience love to connect with humans, rather than just exploit an offered service.

And what is more human than sharing a festive event?

2. Prepare social media contests

Adding a layer of gamification on your social media strategy is one of the most successful tactics during festive occasions.

Contests are the best tactics to drive engagement during festive events. On the one hand, you would win in terms of interactions, and on the other, you can affirm your brand’s presence!

To guarantee branding profits, you need to think early about a holiday-themed game that would highlight your brand image. I would be a tough job for your graphic designer who would need to invest his talent along with proper design techniques to synthesize an aesthetically attractive wall-game.

3.Product Reviews

Already know what is your customers’ biggest fear? Because once you know about the audience’s urgent need, you would know how to orient them towards your brand.

It’s a psychological game

A survey conducted lately stated that 90% of buying decisions are influenced by product reviews.

It would be a smart move to post client reviews about your product/service one or two weeks before the holiday season (just when everything sounds necessary)

Simply because buyers are utterly absorbed by these words “We tried it, it works magic!”

Cast a spell on your audience with different ranges of client reviews!

4.Learn from your past campaigns

Be self-critical, and improve what didn’t go as you hoped during last year’s celebration.

This is doable either by re-visiting last year’s posts to evaluate them or by using Kpeiz to segment the strength axes and those that need to be improved.

Using an analysis tool is better in the sense that you will get a precise and clear vision as of whether your campaign was successful or not and where it stood vis-à-vis your competitors in your activity sector.

5.Prepare your day-to-day planning in advance

In marketing, it’s:  Better early than sorry

Getting everything set in advance is helpful to have an organized mindset. Having your posts ready beforehand will give a chance to tweak things up if necessary.

Or in best case scenarios, you would spare some free time to share holidays with your family.

Keep calm and stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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