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5 Content promotion mistakes every marketer should avoid

When you create a piece of content whether it be a blog post, an ebook, a whitebook, free template and so on, you wish for more visibility, attention and acknowledgement from your audience. But, when you cannot see any difference in your data, your ego is hurt and your morale gets low.

It sucks how you can see your efforts wasted and your goals unachieved.

But, is there any way to avoid this frustration and disappointment?

Once you have checked all the boxes in your content checklist and can’t find any red flags in it, the problem lies in something else. And, it’s probably your content promotion strategy.

A bad content promotion strategy is as distarious as a bad content.

How to avoid content promotion mistakes you may be making?

Here are some mistakes no marketer should be committing.

Publishing your content and waiting for magic to do its work:

After hours of brainstorming, ideation and execution, you may be tired of working so hard on your piece of content and want just to sit back and watch people clicking, watching, subscribing and visiting your content.

But, wait! This is not how things work on social media. You can’t expect people flooding your pages and website without a good promotion plan.

Once everything is set, you should ask yourself: “When, where and how can I promote this content? “.

Here are some quick tips on content promotion:

  • If you’re working on web content, make sure you use personalized links to know from where the most traffic rate comes.

  • Repurpose your content in a way you can use it multiple times differently and attract your audience using more than just one method.

  • If you’re aiming at social media video promotion, try to send the video to those you’re sure are interested in or share it on dedicated facebook groups that accept promotion.

  • Share your social media content more than one time. Come up with some creative ways to reshare your content every now and then. Repurposing content can be a great way to do it.

Sharing your content everywhere and to anyone:

Targeting everyone with your piece of content is one of the biggest content promotion mistakes you can make. Marketers crave for visibility and expansion. But, you need to know that some metrics are but vanity metrics without any palatable business result. Your output should be restricted to your ideal customers aka buyer personas.

Unless you identify your marketing personas, you can easily fall into speaking to everyone and anyone without having one single person listening to you. Craft a content that doesn’t aim to speak to the greater number.

The more your content is well targeted to your marketing personas, the more your content will be driving results and ROI.

Not targeting the right social media networks:

Inextricably related to the previous content promotion mistakes, it’s very frequent to be taken by the desire to be present on each and every social media platform. Is your content ready to be published? Publish it everywhere and you’ll get great results. WRONG!

Your ideal customers, aka marketing personas, are not active everywhere. Knowing your buyer persona and identifying their favorite social media platform will save you from wasting your efforts.

A successful content promotion campaign combines a good message communicated to the right persons in the right place and moment. This is what it takes! Simple, clear and concise equation.

Tracking the wrong social media metrics:

Some businesses and brands don’t even take the time to track social media metrics. But, others do often track the wrong social media metrics. Each case has its own pitfalls. Tracking the wrong metrics can be more damaging to your business than not tracking data and assessing your campaigns and content strategy.

For instance, while businesses should rely more on engagement metric they get too excited and solely focus on follower number. This mistake stems from not knowing the difference between vanity metrics and actionable metrics.

For your content promotion strategy to be performant and successful, you need to set the right metrics before launching a promotion campaign or strategy. Ask yourself “how will these metrics help me achieve my goal?”. This way you will be guided by actionable data that really tells you if you’re on a good track.

We’ve compiled a list illustrating the difference between actionable data and vanity metrics. Check it out if you want to know more: vanity metrics vs actionable metrics all you need to know!

Relying only on your content promotion campaign:

You may be abusing by sharing the content several times on different social media platforms. Or better, you may be doing well thought of campaigns and making good results. But, beware! If you’re relying only on content sharing, sending and promoting, you may be missing a great opportunity to do greater. If you have a youtube video and your number of views comes from social media platforms, you’re doing well. However, what about optimizing your video on youtube? This way you will have two sources of great results.

This also applies to your blog articles. You should invest efforts on SEO optimization and keyword research. Then, you rely on your content promotion campaigns for more visibility and results.

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