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4 last-minute ideas to launch your Halloween social media content strategy

In these hard times, every occasion of joy and celebration should be seized. Like everything coming in this year of 2020, nothing feels the same.

But, don’t let these feelings of fear and disappointment control you. As a marketer, one of your missions is to bring joy. Never forget this.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to craft a well elaborated Halloween strategy and you want to catch up, here are some ideas that can save you in these last minutes.

1.Offer discounts:

Discounts are traditional promotion ways for Halloween. People wait for discounts and some of them only shop when there is an interesting offer.

In these hard times, a discount cannot be more attractive. People want to send gifts to their friends, family and even their colleagues. Showing care and love is primordial in a time where there is a pandemic outside and life has not yet come to normal.

Communicate your discounts appropriately. Make sure you list the details of your discount accurately and make it linked to Halloween.

Don’t offer the discount without a context. Try to work on interesting and theme-related visuals so you make it obvious.

Some slogans are well-known for this very celebration. If you’re working in the industry of confectionery, you can opt for “no trick just treat”.

2. A Halloween Giveaway:

Can’t afford discounts? Opt for giveaways!

Or better, offer both.

Free giveaways never grow old. People love participating in them and get excited for the idea to receive a gift for free. Nowadays, people brag about having gained in a giveaway.

Photo’s contests are the easiest to host. Depending on your business, you can encourage your followers to share their photos featuring your products. If you want something more interesting, you can brainstorm ideas with your team and decide the topic of your photo’s contest.

If your products are meant for kids, you can ask people to share their photos with their kids or the most funny photos of them and pick up the best or funniest one.

Use a personalized hashtag on instagram, but never forget to use trending Halloween hashtags to enlarge your visibility and enhance your engagement rate.

Keep in mind Instagram policy and rules, so that you’re not banned.

3. Create a Halloween touch in your online channels

Let the spirit of Halloween take over your social media channels and website. Use Halloween related symbols and icons in your facebook cover, posts, and banners. There are a myriad of symbols you can use depending on your brand and products. Here are some symbols you can get inspiration from:

  • The Season and the Harvest: this may include corn husks, candy corns and jack-o-lanterns.

  • symbols connoting Death and Mortality: such as skeletons, skulls, ghosts and graveyards.

  • symbols representing Misfortune or Evil: this may include witches, bats, black cats and clowns.

If you’re taking Halloween seriously, but it just happens you woke up late, try to cover your logo with halloween colors (orange and black). Change the design of your facebook cover and add a banner to your website. As far as text fonts are concerned, you can opt for conventional halloween fonts like Creepster, Nocifer, Butcherman or Vampiro One.

These Quick changements can get you covered.

4. Dedicate your blog posts to Halloween-related topics:

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Content on Halloween is very consumable this second half of october. But, don’t forget! Halloween this year is set apart from the previous years. With the pandemic and the social distancing measures, Halloween is celebrated differently this year.

This can be a great opportunity to seize, if you want to create useful content to educate and help your audience.

Everyone is looking on how to celebrate this holiday safely and how to come up with great ideas for gifts, dishes and home decoration. Depending on your blog content and your brand, you can always find a topic you can use to meet your business goal.

Some of the ideas of topics can be: “the best halloween costumes for your kids”, “how to organize an amazing halloween party at home” “5 ideas that can take your halloween decor to the next level” and so on.

If your product falls into one of these categories: cosmetics, home decoration, greeting cards, fashion and clothes, you’re very lucky!

These products are easy to sell in this period of the year. Don’t forget to mention your products on your blog posts and promote them. Sprinkle relevant keywords to make sure your content is well optimized for SEO.

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of campaigns, you can check to get inspired: Spooky Halloween Campaigns that Stood Out so far!

Last Note:

Time to act with the needed agility and start preparing and implementing your Halloween content strategy. Don’t panic! You still have 2 weeks to gain in some additional revenues!

Best of luck!

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