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4 Important Facebook Announcements You Would Want to Know About

The F8 Facebook annual conference for developers ended up on some positive notes. The conference announced some changes as a response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and beyond.

Clear History

This soon-to-be-used functionality allows Facebook users to be conscious about, and control the received and usable information by Facebook.

The idea is to gain people’s trust by being transparent about the websites and apps that send Facebook information about users when they use them.

Facebook, allows his users to deny access to their data by deleting the information on their account, and denying the access to Facebook to store the data.

New ways for sharing stories:

Story sharing is easier by now: Facebook users can simply click on the “share” button to share what they’re listening to directly on their smartphone camera, and then share it as a story. In so doing, the process is much easier since you have to log into your Facebook account to share stories.


A new tab will be added especially for groups. It will be deployed in the menu in order to go easily to groups and not missing previous posts.


Facebook will be adding a dating feature to the platform. Soon, single users will be able to create dating profiles that are distinct from their initial Facebook profile.

Potential matches would be suggested according to the user’s preset preferences, their mutual interests and friends.

The Takeaway:

Facebook alluded at these changes last week in a brief commercial announcing that “something is going to change”.

Facebook has been striving to clear out its image: it maintained its social dimension by adding the new social feature of dating and improving the story parameter. And, it left it up to its users whether to let access to their personal information or not to limit privacy issues.

Well, it’s high time to start tweaking up your strategies according to these changes!

You can also keep track of the way you’re performing on social media here.

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