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4 Easy Steps to Improve your Social Media Strategy Using Kpeiz

In the course of the rapid change in business economy, being at the top across social media networks has become a necessity to guarantee the growth and the sustainability of a successful business.

To push your business forward and improve your social media strategy, you need to speak with data, and ground your tactics on statistics and numbers. That’s exactly what Kpeiz offers you. Let’s go through its basic features.

1-   Audit your Facebook performance: Reporting

The first step is to evaluate your strategy: get regular reports detailing the progress of likes and the number of fans, the posting rhythm, how your fans are reacting to your posts etc.

These in-depth detailed charts substitute the data gathering that your social media managers would spend effort and time doing, and would serve as ready-made analysis and an evaluation of your work.

The reports are printable in Power Point and PDF formats. In the light of these figures you can easily detect the days during which you had more interactions along with the type of posts that your fans are eager to react to.

2-   Recognize your Standpoint: Benchmarking

Now that you have assessed your work from within, you need a view from a distance to know your market’s position compared to competition. Recognizing where they excel and where they fail allows you to make strategic moves.

3-   Optimize with a clear vision

So, you see clearly how far you went relying on your current strategy, and where you stand. It’s time to make a call: maintain it, add some changes, or implement a new one.

To do so, you have access to your page’s best and worst posts, best and worst timing for publishing along with all data that you need to spot the areas for improvement.

4-   Keep track of your Strategy

After discerning the loopholes, applying the good tactics, you need to make sure that you are maintaining your strategy.

Kpeiz gives you figures about the number of fans and likes on your page and their progression so far.

The service gives you detailed charts about your page’s activities as well as your fans’ activities on your page: in so doing, you get to know in what way your fans interact with you the most and what type of reactions you get the most from them.

The Takeaway:

Social media marketing is the new key towards boosting your business. Doing it randomly would do great damage to your brand. The solution rests in data and statistics and that’s what Kpeiz offers you.

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