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3 Water brands Stand Out on Social Media in Egypt

Social media marketing is about depicting your brand image in the best possible light. When you apply the right strategies, social media can get the brand to the top.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 3 water brands in Egypt. Let’s find out how they stood out:

1. FLO

FLO outranks the other brands in the number of interactions. In May, FLO only relied on brief video ads on its Facebook page.

The strategy that led them to stand out is setting the focus on the floral concept including catchy animation that recalls the brand’s packaging. Here’s one of their best posts:

Artistic By Nature Artistic by nature; part of FLO’s artwork is inspired by the famous painting, Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.#UniqueByNature #FLO Publiée par FLO sur Lundi 14 mai 2018

For Ramadan, they chose to make the difference: the video starts by saying “This is not a regular Ramadan commercial”. We find out, as the video proceeds that the speaking voice is that of a girl with the Down’s syndrome.

The idea of associating the Ramadan ad with a cause seems to have worked well, since it was the best post in the water sector during May so far.

FLO عملت اعلان رمضان مش عادي ده مش اعلان رمضان عادي. السنة دي قررنا نوريكوا الناس المميزين يقدروا يعملوا ايه من خلال تعاون فريد من نوعه و اول مرة يحصل!This is not an ordinary Ramadan campaign; this year we decided to show you what unique individuals can do. A unique collaboration, first of its kind!#FLO#UniqueByNatureZayee Zayak Organization مؤسسة زيي زيك Publiée par FLO sur Mardi 22 mai 2018

2. Nestlé Pure Life

If we take the number of fans into consideration, Nestlé Pure Life outnumbers its competitors on Facebook: the page includes 2 019 942 fans.

During this month, the interactions’ progress witnessed many ups and downs: fans are more likely to react to videos than to photos.

Nestlé pure Life, chose light summerish colors to catch the audience’s attention, and it has worked. According to Kpeiz, their best ad post in May is the following:

3.Baraka Water:

If Flo associated its Ramadan campaign with a supporting message to the trisomy cause, Baraka water chose to stir its fans’ compassion during Ramadan otherwise.

It launched its Ramadan campaign by changing its packaging and starting a 30-day action that consists in prompting the audience to take a photo of the new Baraka bottle ad upload it on the Facebook page or the Instagram account using the hashtag #تلاتين_يوم_بركة.

The brand pledges to donate 20 bottles per picture.

#تلاتين_يوم_بركة بحركة بسيطة هاتعمل خير كتير وتشارك معانا فى 30 يوم خير في شهر البركة.صوروا إزازة بركة بشكلها الجديد ونزلوا الصورة على صفحتكم على الفيسبوك او انستجرام وماتنسوش تعملوا Mention لبركة. واستخدموا هاشتاج #تلاتين_يوم_بركة .. مقابل كل صورة بركة هاتتبرع بعشرين إزازة بركة على الفطار .يلا نشارك كلنا. Small acts of goodness might have a greater impact than you think! Join Baraka for 30 days of kindness. Take a picture for our new Baraka Bottle, and upload it on your Facebook page or Instagram account using the hashtag (#تلاتين_يوم_بركة) and Mention Baraka Water. Baraka will donate 20 bottles during Iftar time for every picture taken.Let’s spread the kindness! Publiée par Baraka Water sur Dimanche 20 mai 2018

Baraka water stood out also thanks to this campaign and ranks third.

However, being among the Top 5 water brands in Egypt with the largest number of fans, Vera Water and Perrier are no longer active lately on Facebook.

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