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10 problems Community Managers suffer from

For several years, Community Managers played a central role in customer relations since they are the first intermediary between a brand and its consumers. They are the brand voice and eyes.

Today, companies have developed more awareness of the importance of this role to the extent of hiring their in-house community managers instead of delegating community management tasks to web and digital agencies. Community management is vitally essential when a crisis is looming, a negative comment appears or the brand makes a wrong move, and its e-reputation is at stake.

Being at the heart of everything, community managers face major common problems when they are trying to get their job done appropriately and brand goals reached effectively.

1 - Predict the crisis cases

It is advisable to work on the development of a crisis management process. And this starts with the identification of several levels of crisis predictable from a thorough knowledge of the community and the activity sector of the company.

Depending on each level, the right Community Manager is invited to shoulder their roles. Some of the questions brands should get answered are: “who are the people to be notified (after-sales service, public affairs, marketing, and communication…)?” and “ Via which tool (an email loop, the company's Slack, etc.)?”.

Assigning everyone’s role comes in handy when a crisis strikes. After validation of the process, this document must be shared with all departments.

Community managers, then, can overcome the problem of not knowing what to do when something pops up out of the blue. Get your community managers a kind of bible to follow and watch them rock it while endeavoring to save your brand.

2 - Being a victim of DM Fail

The DM fail is defined by a manipulation error that prompts the user or the Community Manager to publish in public a message that is supposed to be private. This mishap usually takes place in the comments section.

It is therefore essential, as a Community Manager, to carefully check to whom you are sending sensitive messages. Make sure you're responding in private. Better to double-check than having to catch such an error which can twirl virally as a bad buzz.

3 – Using the wrong account

As a Community Manager, you certainly have a personal account on the various social networks. Be careful, because if you manage all accounts from the same application or the same tool, the error may occur. Don’t be vexed! We don’t mean you’re not doing your job. We’re saying that error is human. And, you don’t want to share something personal on the professional-client page.

Community managers can rely on automation tools and certain platforms to get them more organized and focused. Brands should also consider investing in such tools to leverage their efforts and boost their efficiency.

4 – Hijack News in the wrong way

Wanting to take advantage of real-time marketing to generate buzz, increase interactions on your pages and above all take advantage of it to sell more, that's all to your credit. Increasing interaction and seizing Facebook organic reach are things community managers cannot grasp easily. And, it’s understandable for those who are executing everything manually and keep the guesswork to fathom the dynamics.

Some events are tempting to include them in social media content. However, be careful with the events you choose! Not everyone can be the subject of a promotional recovery without triggering the wrath of Internet users.

In general, it is not advisable to take advantage of a tragic event to increase your commitment. This is not only perceived as despicable by Internet users but also as your brand’s tombstone.

Rather, enjoy strong and festive celebrations, such as sports matches, popular TV shows, the release of a highly anticipated film, etc.

5 - Let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions

All Community Managers are human beings after all. They can have a bad day. It's sad, but it is true. Mood swings can get hold of you. But, your audience is not your punching box.

Yes, it’s not always easy to deal with disgruntled customers, inactive subscribers or just bad news, but you definitely have to learn to take it upon yourself.

Managing a brand's e-reputation means to don a foolproof composure. If you ever feel overwhelmingly stressed or nervous, leave the keyboard. It’s primordial to develop your own rituals to cool your anger or stress. Try some breathing exercises or go out for a walk. Some tea can come in handy to calm down your nerves. You have to relieve the pressure before grabbing your keyboard.

6 – Respond awkwardly

To continue on the train of thought, awkward responses are one of the major problems community managers face. It is true that some days are rougher than others and that you will surely be a little tired on Friday afternoon. However, always take time to think carefully about the answers given to the community. An awkward response can quickly make a buzz on social networks.

7 – Account hacking

In this case, the community manager doesn't shoulder the direct responsibility of hacking. But, account hacking involves everyone.

In other words, take all the precautions to avoid this problem:

  • Install antivirus on all the computer supports used

  • Close your session as soon as you leave a room

  • Avoid installing questionable software on your computer.

8 - Inappropriate automatic reply

We cannot warn community managers enough against automated processes. If it is necessary to save time by planning certain statuses, automate the responses using smart tools. Go for tools that enable personalized responses.

You have the right to save a standard message so that you do not have to retype everything each time, but do not let a robot do your work.

On some special occasions, don’t forget to check your automated messages and adjust them accordingly.

9 – Tracking Progress

Tracking progress in engagement rates can be daunting using native tools. It adds more to the plate of community managers. Data visualization is very important to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of social media content. It’s the pillar for crafting effective community management strategies. Saas tools provide you the solution of tracking your progress in real-time and having all your data garnered in one place. For instance, tracking engagement, audience and behavior in a single platform is made possible to make tasks easy and give more space for human creativity and analytics skills.

Kpeiz is the right tool for this task! Click here and give it a try!

10 – Spelling mistakes

Grammar can be one of the least professed problems. Grammar mistakes are usually linked to a lack of competency. Once a simple mistake is detected, grammar nazis who are lurking in your audience will pop up to report it.

This can be embarrassing for you and your brand. Some processes should be stipulated to become inherent habits. Editing and proofreading are steps you should accustom yourself with. Rule number one: read your content thrice before clicking the “Publish” button.

These were the 10 problems that community managers kept repeating to us whenever we were involved in a discussion.

Have you faced any of the problems mentioned above? Share your anecdote with us!

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