Conduct your competitive analysis in few clicks

Enough with manual search and excel sheets. Get your market insights in one place at any time. 

How it works

Market Average: 

Get the big picture of your sector without missing the little details

Breaking through a sector without knowing what is going on? Get the market average you need to craft an efficient strategy. Market Insights offers you exactly what you can’t get access to: average post interactions, average page reaction, average page interaction and more.  

Market Insights 

Keep an eye on your competitors and benchmark your performance

Feeling distracted by all the marketing data you need to deal with? We collected them in one benchmark toolkit. Use the advanced search to get access to Market Insights and get a list of suggestions depending on the sectors you operate in. Dive deep in each feature to get market insights on where you stand and how to proceed. 

Market Competition:

Enough with getting overwhelmed by your competition’s data

Struggling with developing your strategy? Start by diving into the performance of your competitors.  Market Competition makes it easy for you to visualize the big players in your industry and detect their digital growth. Spot their weaknesses and strengths and gain market insights. 

Market Inspiration:

Let your competitors be your source of inspiration

Missing trending posts in your industry means falling behind the competition. Keep up to the competition and don’t miss the latest trends. Without asking us to do so, you will get every trending post brought to your market insights dashboard. No need to check your competitors’ pages every day, Market Inspiration does the job for you. 

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