Assess the value of your Facebook content &

compare it to your competition's

High time to adapt a data-driven Facebook content strategy. 

Simple and clear dashboard to get your tasks done quickly and efficiently. 

Time saver

No more excel sheets and manual research. Get your data and that of your competiion in one place. And, download your branded report in one click. 


Bid farewell to data blindness. Visualize your data instantly and focus on results. 


How it works

Facebook Brand Insights: 

Combine creativity with results and upscale your content strategy. 

Keep your poor visibility at a bay and get actionable insights to inform every decision you take. Bad results and poor visibility can blur your vision and trap you in guesswork. Actionable metrics and enhanced visibility can guide you to where you’re planning to head. Facebook Brand Insights has all your data and metrics organized for you to analyze.

Market Insights 

Keep an eye on your competitors and benchmark your performance

Feeling distracted by all the marketing data you need to deal with? We collected them in one benchmark toolkit. Use the advanced search to get access to Market Insights and get a list of suggestions depending on the sectors you operate in. Dive deep in each feature to get market insights on where you stand and how to proceed. 

Fast Reporting

Get an instant report and avoid wasting hours of typing

Struggling every time with writing the report and spending hours typing in the excel sheets? Use our advanced social media analytics tool and get your report fast and quickly to dive deep into the most important indicators to boost your engagement.


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