The easiest way to manage Social Media insights

Get rid of tedious tasks, save time and gain Performance.

Fed up with all these sophisticated tools? We offer the simplest tool in the market with a smooth interface, necessary features and pertinent results.

Time saver

Tedious tasks are your greatest hindrance. Economize time and get your printable report in seconds.


Bid farewell to data blindness. Visualize your data instantly and focus on results. 


How it works

Brand Insights

Monitor and Improve your social media content

Improve your social media content strategy and inform it with data-driven decisions. Collect all of your Instagram and Facebook insights in one place and track your performance in real time. 

Market insights

Keep an eye on your competition

Don’t get too distracted by focusing on your business and your competition’s. Get your competition’s data and insights directly in your dashboard. Don’t miss any emerging trend or growing competitor.

Instagram insights

Optimize your Instagram content strategy

Spot the most engaging Instagram content and optimize it with your posting strategy. Monitor and track your performance in a clear dashboard. And, be always ahead of the competition.

Branded reports

Save time and get your reports done in a click 

Get rid of the tedious yet time-consuming report preparation process. Focus on your brand or social media content strategy and spare yourself all the manual tasks. In one-click you can download a pdf report ready to be delivered to your clients or your boss.


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